The LaSalle’s Woods Board of Owners has formed some committes to utilize the experience and expertise of the LaSalle’s Woods residents. They will advise the Board in the following areas:

Architectural: Helps to create community wide standards for our buildings as well as heading up the siding refurbishment project.

Communication/Social: Assists the Board Secretary in getting information to the homeowners as well as organizing any HOA planned community events.

Grounds: Assists with developing scopes of work for mowing, landscaping, leaf removal, etc. Also participates and organizes volunteers for community wide cleanup and minor trimming /pruning activities.

Safety: Leads our Neighborhood Watch Program, performs annual inspections on safety related items, develops a map of fire hydrants, utilities, and emergency vehicle access points, & liasons with the local fire department in preparation for a community emergency.


 A small commitment goes a long way. Even if you are a part-time or weekend resident, you can make a difference. Email us today!